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Polycarbonate sheet (Solid / Embossed)

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CLEANGLAS - Solid sheet

All our company standard products can be made of resin has been added UV stabilizer. Co-extrusion manufacture to enhance the resistance to ultraviolet light more than standard products is generated with additional cost. UV co-extrusion on the coating is generally in a thickness of 30 to 50 microns. The cost varies depending on the coating thickness. If you want a detailed estimate, please request us for the exact product specification you want. 


CLEANGLAS - Embossed sheet 

P&B WOOCHANG Embossed sheet has texture and pattern embossed on its surface. The texture diffuses the natural light and ensures equal dispersion over a large-scale area. It prevents glare and its translucent surface also protects privacy. It is mainly in the partition with beautiful decoration effects.

Embossing patterns are shapes of water drops, fog, diagonal, and grid.

Our diamond grid pattern embossed sheet had registered an industrial design for ‘grid embossing panel’, Korean Intellectual Property Office in 2012. 


* Customization is available, depend on the sizes of your order. 


1. Insulation (great thermal resistance)

     Great heat transmission compared to other polymer materials.

     Outstanding insulation compared to general glass with equal thickness. 


2. Resistance against shocks (safty against breakage)

    Safety and protection against bullet is secured due to excellent resistance against shocks.

    Widely used in places where safety is required. 


3. Transparent as glass.

    82% to 92% of light is transmitted. 


4. Light weight

    About a half weight compare to general glass. 


5. Curve for easier construction

    Flexibility allows for easier installation on the curves.

    The maximum radius fo curvature allowed must be complied with during installation.

    Maximum radius fo curvature allowed(mm) : product thickness(T) x 180 


6. Self-extinguishing

    Polycarbonate easily melts at a high temperature, but contribute to prevent the spread of a fire.



*Company introduction


With expertise and advanced technologies P&B WOOCHANG has been supplying Polycarbonate Sheet to many companies in Korea. Our company provides: automatic production, quality improvement, fast customized delivery and a well managed follow up service. These elements of our business help create a brand new construction culture which develops the plastic parts manufacturing and material industries.

Our polycarbonate is a more advanced form than the current polymer plastic. Our lightweight Polycarbonate provides flexibility, transparency and excellent resistance against shocks. This new material grants infinite possibilities in the construction and electronic industries.

Our top priority is our customer’s satisfaction. By developing new products and technologies, we strive to meet our customer’s every need in the ever changing plastic market. 


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CLEANGLAS _Solid Sheet _ Embossed Sheet_

CLEANGLAS _Solid Sheet _ Embossed Sheet_

CLEANGLAS _Solid Sheet _ Embossed Sheet_